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Europe: Our colors

Date: 2019


This project explores how I want the notion of 'Europe' to be and translate into a brand.

I’m proposing a fashion jewelry brand. What I want Europe Union to be is having inclusiveness and diversity. What I’ve been faced with in Europe is racial discrimination. All of my Asian friends experienced racism when thay traveled in Europe. We all know that this discrimination is come from skin’s color and feature. But I don’t want to complan of it. I would rather show and be confidence of my unique color. This brand encourage people to use their own color as an esthetic element in many different tactics. This brand EUROPE produces fashion products and jewelry which needs wearer’s body and color. Everyone have their own unique color. Since this brand is talking about human’s skin and feature, fashion product and jewelry-that are parasite on human’s body- fit on the idea of diverse color of Europe. It suggests and twists a notion of how we perceive each other.

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