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Date: 2020

Paradigm Shift of Aesthetic

COVID-19 hit the world and our daily life has been changing. Contactless is becoming a part of our life in the form of partitions, membranes, masks, many kinds of hygiene tools, and even delivering systems.

The scenery of post-COVID-19 era will be totally different compare to the past. There are already some predictions about the situation, and this work is focusing on changes of aesthetic in perspective of material. This speculative ornaments celebrates transparent materials and hygiene items which prevent the spread of virus.

Precious metal like silver or gold is absolutely the most valuable material in jewellery scene compare to copper. However, in this pandemic situation, a copper's antibacterial function is considered differently even though its not a new discovery, nor the effect is certificated. I saw a possibility from this antibacterial film -which has copper powder on its surface- for a material as a critical jewellery. Like an armor, 'Beautiful Armor series' stands on the board of a mask and a jewellery. Furthermore, it does not only suggest a new aesthetic for post-covid-19 era, but also bring up an issue of an inversion of material`s value. I let copper to flip the hierarchical value.

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