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Yongwon, Pali-Pali!

Date: 2021

The video ‘Yongwon, Pali-Pali’ is a 130-minute performance that extends the idea of hybridizing Pali-Pali culture with tradition to the axis of time.

In the video, the maker unfolds a scroll and put the vase work on the workbench, and starts to decorate the vase quietly. And the material to decorate the vase is hidden by a partition, but something thin and colorful. The maker cuts the material into small pieces and slightly applies on the vase. It looks like it’s putting mother-of-pearl on lacquered artifacts. The decoration on the vase is completed with plant pattern. The maker puts the vase on the workbench, and hangs the scroll on the wall. The image on the scroll is a flyer of restaurant.

There are no traditional materials in this video and it doesn’t give a clue that it is. The vase is made of 3D printing and covered with a spray paint. Pattern is from the image of advertisement. Only the way the maker puts his efforts istradi- tional. Through this work, the methodology that confuses the distinction between vernacular and tradition, which I have discussed, has timeliness. Through the video making a mutant with care for 2 hours and revealing what it was, the moment of enjoying plebeian and classic culture at the same time infiltrates people. Blurring the hierarchy of objects will eventually let people reflect about their social class, and encourage them to mix over the hierarchy.

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